Beeffanatic Top 10 – About

meatmarket3The Premier League Burger Table

1. Hawksmoor Seven Dials (45)

2. Bar Boulud (43)

3. (43)

4. Bleecker Street Burger (42)

5. Honest Burgers (42)

6. Cafe Monico (42)

7. Dirty Burger (42)

8. Joe Allen (41)

9. Five Guys (41)
Dip n Flip burger

10. Patty&Bun (40) is a collection of reviews from my beef-tastic journeys around London’s best burger, steak and meat restaurants.  I’m no professional critic, just a guy who appreciates good beef.

A good burger at the end of the work week can soothe a stress-crisis like nothing else.  A fancy steak can be an event in itself.  I have been in London for the past 4 years and experienced the beef and burger boom that is still ongoing.  I’m  making my way through the tide of new places that open up all over London.

I generally can get along with vegetarians and make polite conversation about small things; like why they are a vegetarian… or smaller things, like the weather.

If you like beef, share your opinions on some of the places I’ve tried.  Suggest new ones to put on my list.  And enjoy the beef!

Get in touch! beeffanatic@gmail.comFive Guys Burger

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