On Tour: Top 10 Burgers in Frankfurt 2017


photo credit: Frankfurt-Tourismus.de

Looking for the top 10 burgers in Frankfurt?  Look no further!  Frankfurt is Germany’s fifth largest city and sits along the Main (pronounced ‘mine‘) River. It is home to the European Central Bank, which has turned Frankfurt into a financial hub and home to many expats.  Great burger joints have sprung up as expats moved in and Frankfurt has developed a solid burger scene as a result.  So without further ado, here are my top 10 burgers in Frankfurt for 2017.

Hero's Premium Burgers-Frankfurt-burger-top-1010. Heroes Premium Burgers – Number ten on my list of top ten burgers in Frankfurt, Heroes narrowly beat out others like Luna Burger and die Kuh die Lacht.  The super hero-themed burger joint in Frankfurt’s Bornheim neighborhood is a small place, off the beaten path of the city-center.  However, they serve up solid burgers surrounded by your favorite comic book characters.

Heroes Burger has an extensive menu to select from, with really diverse toppings.  Each of the burgers is themed in some way related to a comic book hero.  The burgers are a bit pricey, but tasty nonetheless. For me, Heroes Premium Burgers is a jack-of-all-trades burger joint, but master of none. When it comes to the burgers, they taste good – not great, and the flavor comes from the toppings, not the meat itself.  Heroes is worth the visit, but at no. 10, didn’t sweep me up into the air.  You can check out their website here.

Whats-Beef-Frankfurt-bacon-cheeseburger9. What’s Beef?! – Perhaps the most visually beautiful burgers (and burger joints) in Frankfurt, What’s Beef is a strange conundrum of the burger’s taste not quite living up to what it looks like – even when the burger is right in front of you.  The restaurant has a great design sense, with picnic tables outside, and a half-pub/half-diner vibe going on inside. What’s Beef serves unbelievably good milkshake creations, and the sides like onion rings and sweet potato fries may be the best in Frankfurt.

BUT… the burger, while aesthetically amazing, is just not spectacular.  It suffers from over-packed patties like some other burgers on the top ten, but also lacks flavor.  They grind their meat fresh daily, but it’s possible that they don’t age the beef at all, resulting in just a bland burger that becomes overwhelmed by the toppings and sauces. The texture pet peeve of mine is a mistake that’s quickly fixed – but bland beef is one that will take more time.  What’s Beef has all the ingredients to be successful, but their preparation of the patty is letting them down in my opinion.  You can visit their website here.

burgermeister-frankfurt-cheeseburger8. Burgermeister – Bürgermeister have been around for quite some time when compared to the rest of the list.  Since 2011, they have been a fixture in ‘Old Sachsenhausen’ on the south side of the Main River, and have also had a food truck on the road attending festivals, gigs, and carnivals.  Owner and cook, Matthias Auhl is definitely a known person in the Frankfurt food scene.

For me, the burger is great and the toppings are tasty and gooey (just look at that cheese above). However, the bun is where Burgermeister is weak; it’s over-toasted and seemed a bit stale. I think this would be an A+ burger at a festival, but in a restaurant setting you expect a little bit more.  The variety of burger combinations that Burgermeister offers is second to none, but I hope they sort out some fresh buns. You can visit their website here.

Der bulle burger7. Der Fette Bulle – These guys have made some big strides in the last year.  In 2016, Der Fette Bulle (The Fat Bull) may only have squeaked in at the 10th spot, but now they are a solid no. 7 after some nice improvements to their burgers. I had a sneaking suspicion after my first visit that the meat was frozen, but since then, they now grind regional beef daily to make fresh burger patties – a wise choice!

Der Fette Bulle stacks some high double-burgers.  Dripping with cheese and topped with several types of homemade sauces, their burgers have improved greatly. The buns still are not quite up to the challenge of the fillings, getting soaked through with juices quickly, but this is something that could be easily addressed. Der Fette Bulle needs to improve their french-fry game as well if they want to be moving into the top five.  You can find them in the Bahnhofsviertel, on Kaiserstrasse or check out their website here.

Bullys-burger-frankfurt-cheeseburger6. Bully’s Burger – With three locations in Frankfurt and Mainz, Bully’s burger is definitely one to try.  Their crazy décor centers around images of a Boston terrier named Bully, who bedecks the painted walls as Scarface, the Terminator, and other dog-ified movie icons.  Bully’s takes a unique approach of griddling their burger first and then placing them in an oven to finish them.  Similar to what some steak restaurants do, this seers the outside of the beef and then allows the middle to cook more slowly up to serving temperature.

Served with no fuss, on top of a piece of wax paper, the burgers are engulfed with cheese.  The toppings are fresh and tasty and the bun has a nice sponginess to it.  Unfortunately, Bully’s Burger falls victim to the over-packed, dense beef patty issue that plagues many Frankfurt burger places.  There’s no need to pack the beef to the density of a rock! Ground beef is meant to be light and airy!  Check out the Bully’s Burger website here – review coming soon!

bareburger-cheeseburger-frankfurt5. Bareburger – Bareburger comes in at 5 on my list purely because it’s so damn expensive.  Now, it is an organic burger joint; started in Brooklyn during the summer of 2009.  However, at the franchise here in Frankfurt, you’ll find Bareburger is more expensive, yet a somewhat smaller burger than the others on this list.  Don’t get me wrong, they are great burgers, but when you have other burgers available that taste just as great for less money, you can’t put Bareburger any higher than no. 5.

Skimpy portions and over-pricing aside, Bareburger still make some great food.  Maybe they’ll find their stride in the next year to better align with customers’ expectations.  The bacon they use is great: fatty and delicious.  The onion rings are lightly breaded and the perfect accompaniment to the meal. The burgers are juicy delights, but small. You can find Bareburger at Schweizer Str 56, or check out their website here.

fletchers-better-burger-frankfurt4. Fletcher’s Better Burger – Fletcher’s is one of several burger joints that first started near the main train station area of Frankfurt, the Bahnhofsviertel.  Fletcher’s has grown to six locations around Frankfurt as of writing.  They take a Five Guys approach: you order the basic burger, adding cheese, bacon, or an extra patty (or two) and then add from a range of free extra toppings as your heart desires.

Fletcher’s mission statement, roughly translated is: We want to make you happy. With burgers that are simply “better”. We want you to close your eyes while enjoying, because you will taste that our burgers are made with love.  I do love these burgers. They may not make my eyes close, but they are delicious enough for third on my top 10 list of Frankfurt’s best burgers. You can read my full review here, or check out the Fletcher’s Better Burger website here.


3. Good Guys – a relative newcomer to the Frankfurt burger scene, Good Guys just opened in the summer of 2017. I managed to get over and try it just before writing this article and lo and behold, it catapults right up to third place on Frankfurt’s top 10 burgers.  The newest entry to the Frankfurt burger scene, on a crowded Kaiserstrasse,  is holding their own for sure!

The restaurant has stylish, bright, and welcoming designs and the burgers are served in Honest-burger-like white tin dishes with blue rims. The burgers are peppery and flavorful, with plenty to explore in toppings.  Any burger can be doubled up with another patty as I have done in this picture.  The sweet bun is topped with black sesame seeds and onion and holds everything together perfectly.  This is one to definitely explore in more depth later this year.  I’ll definitely be back!  You can find them in the Bahnhofsviertel, on Kaiserstrasse or check out their website here.

burgerschmiede-burger-frankfurt-westend-alteoper2. Burgerschmiede – Located near the old opera house (Alte Oper) near Frankfurt’s West End, Burgerschmiede is a place that probably has flown under many bloggers’ radars, but they come in at number two in my top 10! The name translates as ‘Burger Smith’ and these burger craftsmen have created a sneakily delicious burger.

At just €6.90 for a bacon cheeseburger, they are one of the most cost-conscious burgers on the list.  The beef flavor is smokey and juicy and the seeded bun perfectly contains all the burger elements. The fries are possibly some of the best in Frankfurt as well.  Burgerschmiede serves things up simply on trays with wax paper and cardboard containers, but everything tastes great.  A full review will come soon, but you should check out the Burgerschmiede website here.

Jamy's burger Smokeattack1. Jamy’s Burger – My favorite burger in Frankfurt is Jamy’s Burger.  Still.  Jamy’s is basically the Shake Shack of Frankfurt.  Jamy’s looks the same, feels the same, tastes the same, and the whole operation is run like a Shake Shack.  Jamy’s Burgers are juicy, fresh, flavorful, and the patties are – most importantly – not too compacted or dense!  There are now two locations in Frankfurt in addition to Mannheim and Darmstadt.

Their burgers are fried up on a flat-top griddle and loaded on to soft, sweet brichoe-style buns.  Jamy’s burgers are then served up in wax paper sleeves, diner-style; my favorite is the SmokeAttack.  The burgers ooze into your mouth and are homogenous in a way that most of the top ten can’t accomplish – everything is working in harmony on these buns!  At reasonable prices and with cool décor, Jamy’s is the best burger in Frankfurt for me!  You can read my full review of Jamy’s Burger or visit their website here.

That concludes my list of Frankfurt’s top ten burgers.  Do you agree with my list?  Comment or ask questions!

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