Ninja School from Gourmet Burger Kitchen?

Gourmet-burger-kitchen-ninja-schoolHave you ever dreamed of eating your way into a real Ninja School in Tokyo?  Me either, but thanks to Gourmet Burger Kitchen, the Japanese Tourism Board, and ANA airlines it could become the reality you never dreamed of!

With the simple filling out of a form, you and a friend could win a five-night trip to Tokyo with all accommodation covered.  The lucky winners will visit the Ninja Museum in Iga Ueno to study the history of Ninjitsu and be schooled in the art by a specialist instructor.

ninja-turtlesPlease decide who gets to be Michelangelo before you arrive.  Everyone will receive throwing stars, bandanas optional.

The promotion is part of GBK’s Chicken Ninja burger special which is available in Gourmet Burger Kitchens until June.  I know, I know – it’s chicken – but… NINJAS!!!

The Japanese-inspired chicken burger contains panko-crusted chicken, katsu curry sauce, Tokyo slaw, salad, and miso ketchup all packed into a jet black charcoal bun.  GBK is also offering matcha green tea & vanilla ice cream milkshakes to accompany the Chicken Ninja.

Not a bad deal for all your would-be ninja burger lovers out there!  No purchase necessary, so sign up at: 


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