The Hamburg Hamburger Files part 3: Brooklyn Burger Bar

Hamburg’s Brooklyn Burger Bar was conceived by three friends during a wild night out in Williamsburg, Brooklyn while on a trip to New York.  Germans have this thing called a ‘eine Schnappsidee‘, which is basically conceiving of an idea whilst hammered drunk.  Schnappsideen are generally horrible ideas.  In this case, replace the schnapps with many New York gin & tonics and boom: “let’s open a Brooklyn-style burger bar back in Hamburg!”


Schnappsideen, or horrible ideas, generally never get off the ground – but in this case, Brooklyn Burger Bar was born in Hamburg’s Alter Fischmarkt area.  And it is a truly cool bar and restaurant. Großes Erfolg!

I don’t have any Hamburg hamburger facts leftover after the other two Hamburg posts, so instead, here are some randomly selected factoids about the ‘Free and Hanseatic City.’

  • Hamburg has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice combined; over 2300!
  • Sitting on over 6400 square meters of space, Hamburg’s Miniature Wunderland contains the world’s biggest model train set with over 12,000 meters of track (I wanna go!)
  • Tierpark Hagenbeck, founded in 1907, is the first zoo without any cages… life finds a way, anybody?

Ah yes, facts. None of them having to do with beef, but you can say you’ve learned something about Hamburg today.  Good on ya!

Das-Monster-Burger-Brooklyn-burger-bar-HamburgBrooklyn Burger Bar was founded on the opinion that burgers can be far more than just fast food.  BBB home-bakes their brioche buns and gets their beef daily courtesy of Friesischen Weiderindern cattle; free range cows from Friesland, a region in northern Holland.

They offer burgers starting from the classic burger for €9, up to the Godzilla at a terrifying €21!  The basic burger comes topped with romaine lettuce, tomato, red onions, pickles & ketchup.  For contrast, the massive Godzilla is a triple patty (600g or 1.32 lbs of beef) burger with triple bacon, triple mixed cheeses, juniper berry sauerkraut, and red wine-sautéed onions on a brioche-style bun.

Das-monster-burger-opened-hamburg-brooklyn-burger-barThe Beeffanatic wasn’t man enough to take on Godzilla single-handedly, but I did order Das Hangover – a double-cheesy-AF-burger with double bacon, a fried egg, lettuce, red onion, jalapeños, pickles, and BBQ sauce.  I wasn’t hungover, so Das Hangover was truly a beast to take down, but I managed it… Along with a side of sweet potato fries and a lovely truffle mayo dipping sauce.

At €14.50, Das Hangover burger was a pricey one in terms of the Brooklyn Burger Bar’s menu, but it was really worthwhile.  The toppings were excellent – a perfectly fried egg which oozed the moment it was popped and crispy American-style bacon with a BBQ cured flavor.  The beef itself was very tasty, but perhaps packed too densely for my taste. Even though I could tell it was fresh, the density reminded me of a frozen, machine-packed patty, instead of showing off its true freshness.

The sweet potato fries were very nice; not too soggy, nor over-fried.  And truffle mayo is truffle mayo; the greatest substance known to mankind. The portions for BBB’s sides are large, you definitely won’t go hungry here, but they are also pricey – €5.20 for the sweet potato fries and €4.20 for regular fries.


Brooklyn Burger Bar also has an extensive bar menu and excellent standards for cocktail-making.  The bar that you saw in the first picture, mixes up high-quality drinks that are delicious and worth the visit by themselves.  The bar menu actually makes up over 50% of the whole menu, listing many signature cocktails and highball classics.

Ranging from €8-12, people do come just for the drinks, though I have no idea how they resist the delicious burger aromas and bacon scents.  My Old Fashioned was well above my expectations for a burger joint, something more akin to a classy, after-work bar.  Well done Mr. bartender!

Overall, I enjoyed the food at Brooklyn Burger Bar very much.  It is pricey when compared with other places, but they do account for that with quality.  The restaurant stayed full later into the night and the crowd was a diverse set of the Hamburg urban-chic. The décor evokes a 1930s era of glamour, mixed with a touch of the city’s ruggedness.

You can visit Brooklyn Burger Bar everyday except Sunday at Alter Fischmarkt 3, Hamburg, Germany or check out their website here.  I’ll be ranking my Hamburg burger experiences soon after covering a couple more select places around the city, so stay tuned!


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