On Tour: Fletcher’s Better Burger, Frankfurt DE

For a long time, the bahnhofsviertels (main train station neighborhoods) in many European cities have had questionable reputations.  None more-so than Frankfurt’s haupbahnhof area in particular, which earned a reputation for drugs and crime that it still is trying to shed.

However, in the past several years, a change has come to the Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel.  Hipster millennials have been opening bars, cafes and eateries in the area that wouldn’t be out of place in New York or London.

With these, Frankfurt’s train station neighborhood has begun to undergo a slow, but steady transformation. Fletcher’s Better fletchers-better-burger-interiorBurger is one of several burger joints that have joined the changing neighborhood.  Fletcher’s now has three locations around Frankfurt am Main, all of which enjoy a lunchtime crowd of ungry burger professionals.

Fletcher’s Better Burgers have created a fresh, local burger place that has the cool, urban mentality more closely associated with Berlin.  Catering to “urban connoisseurs,” Fletcher’s describes themselves as an American diner with a stylized interior made in Frankfurt Am Main.

Their beef is sourced locally and delivered daily by Fletcher’s trusted butcher.  Their buns – a glazed hybrid bun with sesame seeds sprinkled on top – are baked fresh in-house.  Fletcher’s Better Burger takes a semi-Five Guys approach; whereby you order the basic burger, adding cheese, bacon, or an extra patty (or two) and then add from a range of free extra toppings as your heart desires.

fletchers-better-burger-frankfurtYou can choose from iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, gherkins, fried onions, jalapeños, and fried mushrooms before adding mayonnaise, honey mustard, ketchup, BBQ Sauce, sweet German mustard, or hot sauce. Your custom burger is then served up in a wax-paper pocket after a short wait.

I went for onion, tomato, fried onions, honey mustard and ketchup on mine – a masterpiece of my own making I must say.

Fletcher’s mission statement, roughly translated is: We want to make you happy. With burgers that are simply “better”. We want you to close your eyes while enjoying, because you will taste that our burgers are made with love.

Their burgers are good, probably in my top three for Frankfurt, but perhaps not eye-closingly good. The beef is flavorful, but slightly overcooked.  The buns are nice, but a bit too dry for me.  However, overall Fletcher’s makes a good burger that outdoes many of its nearby competitors.


Side-note: burger buns in Germany, as a rule, seem to be where the British burger bun was five years ago. They are dry and starchy, often powdered with a fine coating of flour. This isn’t a problem that is particular to Fletcher’s Better Burger, but in the same way American food trends trickle down to influence Britain and then Europe a few years later, the burger bun is something that hasn’t quite caught up with the beef in Germany.

fletchers-better-burger-frankfurt-openIt must be said that Fletcher’s is moving in the right direction with their bun’s glazed and fresh-baked style.  It’s far better than many I’ve tried in my travels through Germany.  But, it’s definitely still a weakness in the Fletcher’s Better Burger experience.  The french fries or chips, are another slight weakness in my opinion.

They are thick cut and therefore mushy in the middle, which may be appropriate for a steak house, but not really for a mid-day burger side dish. These chips  just don’t really do justice to the good burgers that Fletcher’s makes.  They do server sweet potato fries which are a better experience, but it’s too bad that the main fries are not excellent in the same way the burger is trying to be.

Overall, Fletcher’s Better Burger is worth a visit. It ranks highly among the German burger joints that I’ve visited, though perhaps not as high as Jamy’s in my book. You can check out the Fletcher’s Better Burger website here or visit them at one of their three locations in Frankfurt, the next time you happen to be in town.


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