Australia Announces the Hamdog!

The Hamdog innovation is an Australian breakthrough in trans-meat technology, seven years in the making.  Unsurprisingly, the Hamdog is a crossbreed between a hamburger and a hotdog. Because, DUH!


Aussie inventor Mark Murray appeared on the Australian TV show, Shark Tank, to pitch his idea to investors last year.  It’s the Australian equivalent of the UK’s ‘Dragon’s Den.’  However, Murray was turned down by the investors, who to me seem like short-sighted, must-be-vegetarian types.

However this year, Murray was granted a patent and has begun selling the Hamdog in Western Australia. He describes the Hamdog as, “a party in your mouth.” He has actually held US patent since 2009, but only recently was granted rights in Australia and began to produce the Hamdog.  It’s apparently been a hit at Aussie carnivals and fairs, because, DUH!!

hamdog-patent-design-hamburger-hotdogThe concept is straight forward: a burger cut in two halves and a hot dog laid in the middle, topped with fresh veg and condiments.  But, the magic is in the proprietary bun-based-delivery-technology (BBDT) as shown in this patent office submission.

Behold the Hamdog bun!  It’s a schematic sketch of Leonardoan proportions. Is Murray the Edison of our century?  Legend has it that Murray was standing on his toilet and he was hanging a clock, and he fell and he hit his head on the sink. And that’s when he came up with the idea for the Hamdog. (With the help of a plucky teenager named Marty?)

Only time will tell if the Hamdog will surpass other, far less meaningful Australian inventions like Wifi, the electric pacemaker, ultrasound technology, or black box flight recorders.  But, if my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour (aka goes viral)… you’re gonna see some serious shit.


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