Shake Shack Custard Calendar

Shake Shack UK has just released a delectable August custard calendar. To make sure the hungry British public are properly up to date on special custards.  These flavours are available in shakes, ‘concrete’ cups, or cones for a limited time.

Perhaps one of the most delicious infographic-style images I’ve seen in recent memory. Really all burger joints should be committed to this type of informative communication!


So I could be having a salted buttery caramel custard this sunny Sunday – a blueberry crumble next weekend for the start of the Premier League, S’mores in the middle of the month, buttery blackberry for back-to-school and a caramel pretzel to send out August on a high note!

Why can’t all burger places be so kind as to release their infographics to inform us about the comings and goings of special burgers?!  Bravo Shake Shack – and whomever handles your PR & communications.


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