The Story of McDonalds, The Founder Trailer

You may not know the name Ray Kroc, but you definitely know of a little joint called McDonald’s.  I’m adverse to fast food posts here on Beeffanatic, but the trailer to The Founder, starring Michael Keaton, dropped a couple days back and I can’t resist.

The Founder tells the story of Ray Kroc, a traveling milkshake machine salesman who took McDonald’s from a single-location in San Bernardino, CA to the global fast food juggernaut it is today.  Leaving the broken hearts of the McDonald brothers in his wake.

Today, Ray Kroc is credited as the founder of the McDonald’s franchise operation. However, the name came from two brothers, Mac and Dick McDonald, who ran the small southern California hamburger stand. Kroc saw the potential and eventually turned the company into the global fast food chain that it is today.  An empire so vast that very few people are left on planet Earth who don’t recognize the glowing golden arches.

The-founder-movie-mcdonalds-burgers-ray-krocThe trailer is a bit ominous, showing the build-up to Keaton’s Kroc taking over the family business as his first step to global domination.  I, for one, am pretty interested to see how the Mcdonald brothers revolutionized the burger industry before Kroc stepped in.

The snippet of them telling Kroc about their “burgers in 30 seconds, not 30 minutes” rule is great.  It will be really cool to see the thought process that went in to creating the world’s fastest hamburger stand – and then what took it that step further to be the world’s biggest franchise food business.  Whether you like McDonald’s or not, this has to be piquing some interest!

For Michael Keaton, could this be the third year in a row that he leads the cast of an Oscar winning movie?  With ‘Birdman’ followed up by 2015’s ‘Spotlight,’ Keaton seems to be on a roll and I for one think this McDonald’s biopic looks to be another contender!  Check out the film’s IMDB entry here.


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