The Old Frizzle, Wimbledon Pub Burger Love

Old Frizzle bacon burgerThe Old Frizzle sits smack in the middle of the Wimbledon Broadway.  It became my local when it took over for the lackluster rugby pub that preceded it. And I spent four good years in Wimbledon nearby the Old Frizzle, so it’s about time I show my ole-standby some love.

It was quite easy to outdo the grimy, fight-club of a pub that used to sit in the place of The Old Frizzle.  Walkabout Aussie bars have a certain reputation in London – probably centered around their jaeger-bombs that cost less than a bottle of water. When the Walkabout served it’s last snakebite and cleaned up its last pool of sick, The Old Frizzle moved in to class things up a bit.

Focusing on fine wines, craft beers, well-presented food, and excellent live events like sports on their large projector screens, pub quiz nights, and live music, the great atmosphere created at The Old Frizzle quickly made it a local favorite.  The term ‘old frizzle’ was actually coined in SW London way back in the 1830s when locals used it to describe the government shake-down for tax money.  The government increased taxes rapidly and locals were left to foot the bill, getting ‘the old frizzle’.

For me, the Old Frizzle meant well from the outset, but actually had a shaky beginning when it came to their burgers.  They started an ill-fated burger club which featured what I can only describe as a run-of-the-mill frozen pub burger, nothing interesting or fresh about it.  Fortunately they turned things around over the years and at the time of this writing, I can say that they serve up a rather excellent burger by any and all pub standards – and burger joint standards as well.

Old Frizzle Jalapeno burgerThe whole menu has taken a turn for the gastronomic of late, but let’s first focus on the beef.  Their beef burger “main” plate will cost you £13.50, which by most standards is quite pricey, even for London. The small plate version is £7.50 and both sizes come with fries.  But for the price, the Old Frizzle serves a huge burger, bristling with melted cheese and fresh toppings on a fluffy, fresh bun.  The burger itself is one of the thicker, more generous servings of beef that you’ll find out there.

The burger is served with bacon, cheddar, lettuce and tomato as standard. But, you can customize it to a certain extent, like the jalapeños you see to the left. The chips accompany it in a generous boat and you can choose handout chips or french fries. Add a second patty for £4 if you dare! The bun is a brioche-style bun that does a nice job of holding things altogether – and is FAR better than their original attempt at a bun, using a floured muffin of a bread that just didn’t suit a nice piece of beef.

Beef aside, The Old Frizzle offers up some other nice burgers that spice up their “on a bun” section of the menu.  They do a nice lamb burger with mint, greens and tzatziki sauce; venison with tomato, lettuce, chorizo and mozzarella; or a buttermilk and spiced panko crumbed chicken patty, topped with brie, salad, and avocado.

Overall, the Old Frizzle is just a really nice, comfy pub to spend a day in – hanging out with friends, watching the football or rugby, or shooting the shit at the bar.  The front room is more of a quick eats style, with tables and benches.  A nice, curved bar swing around to the left of the kitchen and goes into the back room, which is my favorite.  Its walls are lined with bookshelves and it has a nice vaulted ceiling.  All the projector screens reside in this room, and it also has a little stage for the aforementioned live music and trivia nights.

The red-lined booths are good for larger groups and the vaulted ceiling gives you a sense of a lot more space than your average pub.  It’s not too loud, and has a cool crowd in the evenings (over 21 after 8pm).  I really like The Old Frizzle, and I hope you will too.  It’s just a nice, easy-going neighborhood pub with a little something more to offer in the form of their updated and classy kitchen.  You can find The Old Frizzle at 74-78 The Broadway, Wimbledon SW19 1RQ or visit their website here.

Old Frizzle Burger – 39/50

Beef (7):  You get a BIGg, fresh burger patty – not frozen. Tasty, but not outstanding.

Bun (7): Brioche-style buns that fluffy and light.

Toppings (8): Great that you get bacon and cheese as standard with the beef burger at Old Frizzle.

Value (7): Pricey – The main sized plate at £13.50 (remembering the bacon and cheese) is still more expensive than your average pub burger.

Ambiance (10): Just an awesome pub – even if it’s just for a pint.

Old Frizzle burger club

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