Bacon, Bacon and more Bacon at Honest Burgers

Honest-Burgers-Bacon-BurgerI really appreciate the fact that Honest Burgers rolls out special burgers throughout the year that support causes or reflect the seasons.  But I also like it when a burger joint launches a monthly special burger that sounds really, really good just for the hell of it.

Honest Burgers just announced their “Tribute to Bacon” burger. It may be your New Years Diet’s worst enemy, but maybe with time you can become frenemies? At least you signed up for that new gym membership, right?  You didn’t? Well, that’s okay, I wont’ tell…

The Tribute to Bacon starts off with the signature Honest Burger dry-aged beef patty from their butchers, Ginger Pig. It comes with pickles, smoked cheddar, lettuce and a side of rosemary fries.  And of course, the bacon trifecta:

  • A thick-cut, smoked piece of streaky bacon from Ginger Pig
  • Smoked-bacon infused ketchup
  • Dipping pot of bacon and beef gravy

Is that enough bacon for you? You have until the 25 of January to get a taste of this bad-boy of bacon, and for £12.50 (with fries) it’s a decent deal.  It’s available at all Honest Burgers locations and they are also opening a Covent Garden area shop (on Southhampton street) this month!

No excuses.  Play like a Champion.

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