On Tour: The Squeaky Bean Brunch Burger, Denver

brunch burger - Squeaky BeanIf you ever find yourself in the Denver area, looking for an excellent Sunday meal, consider the brunch burger at The Squeaky Bean in Lower Downtown (Lodo) Denver, Colorado. This masterpiece is entry number two in my “Beeffanatic On Tour” section and it’s a good one.

The Brunch Burger is a Sunday delight for any beef-lover.  The Squeaky Bean starts with two beef patties topped with American cheese before adding maple bacon, pickles, caramelized onions, a fried egg and then drizzling the whole thing with just a touch of maple syrup and special sauce.  The result is a sweet and savory taste explosion that can satisfy your Sunday hunger better than any all-you-can-eat breakfast buffets.

The bun is freshly baked – fluffy and light – and has been grilled in order to stand up to the gooey goodness packed on to this burger.  The bottom bun is drizzled with syrup and sauce and then in a twist on burger construction, the maple bacon and pickle slices are added first, before the patties.  Then comes the two beef patties with a slice of cheese each before the fried eggs tops it all, with a tad more maple syrup for good measure.

I ordered up the burger with a side of hash, Squeaky Bean style.  It arrived in the form of a bowl filled with tiny, fried potato-cubes. A strange take on hash browns – or tater tots and fries for that matter. The little nuggets are best eaten with a spoon or harpooned by the dozen on your fork and dunked in a mayo or ketchup bath.  Together with a pitcher of house-special bloody Mary or mai tai, you couldn’t wish for anything more satisfying… I mean, just behold the plate in its full glory:

squeaky bean breakfast burgerThe Squeaky Bean first opened in the Highlands of Denver back in 2009.  In 2012 they made the move to the booming Lodo area, moving in to the historic Saddlery Building.  Their menu is something to behold – it rotates with the seasons except for some mainstays and the brunch menu alone gave me moments for pause before deciding on the burger.  It is replete with tasty takes on traditional dishes that will provide something extra-exciting and undiscovered for your tastebuds.

If the brunch burger doesn’t quite fit the bill for your early-Sunday mood, plenty of other little delicacies were quite tempting.  The Squeaky Bean French Toast for example is a decadent take on a classic; one which includes bread pudding, berries and banana pudding.  My friend ordered this and had to throw in the towel before the final bell.  Or their frittata, which is made with egg whites, crimini, onion puree, brie, and guajillo salsa – it looks amazing.

The Squeaky Bean also believes in local… The Bean Acre is a plot of land in Lakewood where the Squeaky Bean grows a majority of the veggies that one finds on the menu, including squashes, heirloom tomatoes, peas, collard greens and Swiss chard, beets, watermelon radishes, kale, herbs and beds of edible flowers. They grow it all organically, which is very big in Colorado. The “Squeaky Beds” are some plots that the Bean first used when their original operation was still in the Highlands.  Here, they still grow most of the herbs used by the kitchen and bar staff for dishes and cocktails.

One more note – The Squeaky Bean hosts a bingo game during their brunch on Sundays.  Anyone who is at the restaurant can play along with the 1950s vintage bingo board. Bingo goes from 12:30 until 2 and you can win fun prizes, like free drinks, entire bottles of wine/prosecco, discounts on your bill, or vouchers for your next visit.  It’s all in good fun and your experience won’t be overwhelmed by it if you choose to just eat and enjoy.

You can visit the Squeaky Bean just a short walk from Denver’s Union Station –  in the Saddlery Building at the corner of 15th and Wynkoop in LoDo. Or check out their website here.


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