On Tour: Jamy’s Burger, the Shake Shack of Frankfurt, Germany

The first entry from the ‘Beeffanatic On Tour’ section of the site! I’m going to be bringing regular content from overseas gems that I’ve discovered during my travels, primarily around Germany.  I won’t rank them against my London joints, but if you’re ever in the global neighborhood, perhaps give them a try.

Jamy’s Burger can most readily be described as the Shake Shack of Frankfurt.  From the burgers it produces to the wax paper burger-delivery pouches, and even down to the aesthetics of the menu and signage – Jamy’s makes an American expat feel at home.  They have the same Shake Shack style buzzers that the Covent Garden, London burger joint has.  One can tell that it caters to many expats simply by the amount of English heard throughout the restaurant.

JamysburgerfrankfurtJamy’s has two locations now, but the original is just a short distance from the European Central Bank, the home of the Euro currency here in Frankfurt.  It sits in the heart of Frankfurt between the old Sachsenhausen area and the upcoming Ostend where many businesses and homes are popping up nearby the Euro HQ.  The second Jamy’s Burger has just opened up near the Dom Römer area of Frankfurt as well, signaling the popularity of this burger concept.

Jamy's burger SmokeattackThe restaurant is self-described as an, “authentic urban burger culture on a whole new level – US burger variations with the quality of a true gourmet product.” Okay, so maybe it’s not the revolutionary, groundbreaking burger they say, but it’s the best I’ve tasted in Frankfurt thus far.  It immediately connects Frankfurt to the burgers that have swept through the US and UK in recent years – the ‘pay more, get more’ burger concept that has been the calling card of the London burger revolution.  And the idea that has fast-food joints running scared.

Jamy’s uses fresh, local beef that has no additives or preservatives – just good fresh meat, buns and toppings here, which is what makes it so tasty.  I went for the SmokeAttack burger – and doubled down on the patty.  The SmokeAttack is Jamy’s signature angus beef, topped with American-style cheese, caramelized onions, smoked and crispy bacon and then lathered in Jamy’s homemade sauce.  For only €7.00, for a single and €8.50 for the double, it’s a great deal.

Some other burgers of note are their ‘RedHead’ burger, starting again with Angus beef, cheese and then fried red pepper and freshly chopped chilies before the Jamy’s sauce is applied – all for €6.40.  And then the ‘Avocado Trip’ with cheese, tomatoes, red onions, fresh avocado slices and then a homemade avocado sauce for €7.50.

Jamy’s also offers a selection of chicken burgers from around €6.00 and though it pains me to admit it, a pretty tasty veggie option called the Portobello Cheese for €6.90.  They keep their sides very simple: fries, sweet potato fries or cheesy fries – all in the €2.50-3.50 range which is quite nice.  Between my group, all beef-burgers were accounted for and tested – along with one portobello burger (and yes, I bit into it, but I swear I didn’t inhale).

Getting back to my Shake Shack theme, the burgers taste almost identical to those produced by The Shack!  They are juicy and fresh and the patties are not too compacted which seems to be a theme of German burgers.  They are fried up on the flattop grill just like a good old-fashioned American burger stand would do and then the cheese is melted on before they come off the heat.  Loaded on to soft and somehow sweet buns, the burgers are then served up in wax paper bags, ready to hold in one hand while you pick through for the best fries with the other hand.

Jamy's burger classic

The bacon on my burger was crispy and smokey, just as advertised.  The homemade sauce at Jamy’s does just the trick to bringing everything together without overpowering the flavor in the meat. And then the sweet potato fries bring the meal home.  They are perfectly fried, obviously fresh, and perfectly sized to satisfy a mighty hunger.  Again, served up in the ideal wax-paper-food-delivery-pouch, the whole thing arrives on an aluminum tray.  Just sitting and waiting at my table, the smells were enough to make my mouth water in anticipation.

Though I won’t be rating the On Tour section of my site as I would a normal London burger experience, I can say that I’ll definitely be back to Jamy’s.  And probably will bring with me any expats that are hankering for an American style, fast-but-good hamburger.

You can visit Jamy’s burger in Frankfurt at Oskar-von-Miller-Straße 1 or at their new Neue Kräme 14 location – or visit their website here.

SmokeAttack Burger with Sweetpotato fries

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