Honest Burger Rolls out the Oktoberfest Special

OktoberfestburgerIn honor of the happiest drinking festival on earth, Honest Burger is rolling out their Oktoberfest burger.  To celebrate this year’s Bavarian beer festival, they’ve taken a bunch of German stuff, assumed it’s Bavarian and then thrown it on a burger.  But never mind, the burger looks amazing so we’ll overlook the loose grasp of regional geography.

The Oktoberfest burger starts off with honest burger’s dry-aged Ginger Pig butchery beef.  They then add black forest bacon (The Black Forest is in southwest Germany fellas, not Bayern) and then Bavarian smoked cheese, sauerkraut, and currywurst sauce (From Berlin, but again, it works).

The whole thing will come with Rosemary fries and cost you £11.50.

Honest Burgers is also bringing in some German beer, because after all, that’s the main focus of this whole thing!  Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfestbier, brewed in Munich, dates back to the 1400s – and if they know how to do Oktoberfest right, this batch will be slightly more alcoholic than it’s year-round brethren.  Honest Burger is also honoring the German tradition by serving up the beer in steins, though I don’t know if they will be the one-litre versions that you’d find in Munich!

The burger is available until October 5th at all Honest Burgers, so get one in your belly!

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