Honest Burger’s Karma Cola Burger

Just a quick monthly special post for Honest Burger!  Until the 3rd of August, Honest Burgers is teaming up with the Karma Cola company to bring you a delicious looking special burger in support of a good cause.  For every burger sold £1 is donated to the Karma Cola Foundation – a charity setup to support the farmers of West Africa who actually grow the Cola nut – the nut that all your favorite colas are made from.

So what’s on this delicious burger?  Honest Burgers starts with one of their Ginger Pig butchery beef patties, then adds smoked Applewood cheddar, Karma Cola braised ungulate steak, pickles and a green chili coleslaw.  I can just imagine the amazing taste of that beef-on-beef action with the cola infusing the braised beef with some outstanding flavor.  It all sits on their tasty brioche-style bun.

Karma Cola burger

The Karma Cola burger will cost £11.50 by itself, but they have also put together two combos. For £12.50 you get the burger along with a bottle of Karma Cola.  For £15, you get the special cocktail, Karma Iced Tea: a blend of vodka, gin, elderflower cordial, lemon and Karma Cola.

Karma HonestKarma Cola has donated over 30,000 USD to the communities of the Tiwai region in Sierra Leone since 2012.  Honest Burgers is pairing up with Karma Cola to ensure that this good work continues.  The first project, the Makenneh Bridge, ensured the safe transportation of people and supplies throughout the older and newer parts of the region.

The ongoing Karma Cola Foundation funding will ensure that 45 young children attend school annually; it will install a primary school teacher in a community run school, build a rice-processing centre in order to ensure security of food supply and self sufficiency, and support an educational HIV/Aids theatre group.

The burger and combos are available at all Honest Burger locations from the 14th of July through 3rd of August.  So get out there and get some good food while doing some good for the people who farm all those cola nuts that the world enjoys!

Visit the Honest Burgers website here – and learn more about the Karma Cola Foundation here.

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