Tommi’s Burger Joint, Iceland’s Burger Bid

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.58.52London has one of the most diverse populations in the world, both in residents and in burgers joints.  I’ve reviewed Lebanese, French, American, English, Russian and Hawaiian burgers all here in London, but this is the first Nordic burger to hit Beeffanatic.

Tommi’s is an Icelandic chain, the brainchild of owner Tomas Tómasson, who has launched nearly 20 restaurants and hotels in his native Iceland.  Tomas Tómasson is about as Nordic of a name as you can get – I’m surprised he doesn’t have a Viking title after it like ‘Tomas the Red’ or ‘Tomas the Doom/Burger-Bringer’.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 13.07.46Tommi’s Burger Joint opened it’s doors on Thayer Street in Marylebone in summer of 2012 and has recently opened it’s second location on the King’s Road.  It actually started as a pop-up concept to show off Iceland’s burger offering, but proved popular enough to establish this two-restaurant foothold in a very crowded London market.

“We are hugely excited about bringing our burgers to London as the capital has a huge appetite for them right now.”  Said Tommi himself, “Having eaten one every day for the last eight years and travelling the world trying out different styles, I know that a good burger joint should be fun, relaxed and most importantly taste great, so we hope Londoners enjoy our take on the burger phenomenon!”


Tommi’s Burger Joint HG Walter Butchers in the Baron’s court area.  The family butcher has built a solid reputation in Organic and free-range meats over the past 35 years and you can really taste in in Tommi’s burgers.  For all the European heritage, the offerings are extremely American in taste and presentation.  The cheese is American cheese, the burgers are just about American juiciness and the bun is a simple white flour bun with nothing super fancy about it.DSC_0012

The standard hamburger will set you back £6.90, and it’s only £9.90 to get that with a generous helping of crispy fries and a soda.  The premium Steak burger will cost you £8.90.  I love that the place remains focused – a glance at their menu offers only a kid-sized burger and a veggie burger… no other entree options.

Bacon or a fancy cause like béarnaise, cocktail, or chipotle mayo will be £1 extra and a slice of cheese is £0.75 to add.  All the other smaller toppings like pickles, jalepenos, or even crispy onions are free. Their fries are light and crispy, no floppy, fluffiness here, just perfect eating.  Another thing that Tommi’s does extraordinarily well is milkshakes.  I got a chocolate shake for £3.90 and it’s one of the very few in London that approach the thick, ice-creamy American style rather than being a watery English version.  It’s also of considerable size, which makes me a happy camper.

Overall, this no frills burger place delivers on exactly what it promises: American style burgers, no muss no fuss.  Seating can be tough to nab at peak hours and sometimes the food which is cooked to order can take a bit of time if there has just been a rush of orders.  Nothing a beer or milkshake can’t overcome!

Tommi’s Burger Joint – 40/50

Beef (8): Flavourful, but almost a bit too dry for me

Bun (7):  Does the job.

Toppings (8): Excellent free add-ons to accompany the standard offerings of cheese, bacon, and custom sauces.

Value (9): £9.90 a burger, fries and soda is a great deal, but extras like cheese add up fast!

Ambiance (8):  Small venue decorated with American pop-culture memorabilia, movie posters, etc. Hard to grab a seat!

You can find Tommi’s 30 Thayer Street, London W1U 2QP at or visit their website here.


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