Dip & Flip Gets Messy and Gooey

dip-n-flip-with-baconDip & Flip is no longer just a one-off Burger joint! The original is located a short walk from Clapham Junction station on Northcote Road.  However, they have opened up two more locations; the second on the Wimbledon Broadway and third in Tooting.  Dip & Flip has firmly staked their burger claim in southwest of London.  Hopefully there is more deliciously, gooey expansion in store for Dip & Flip in 2016.

Dip & Flip’s unique selling point is their application of thinly sliced roast beef to their flagship burger, which is served with a dish of au jus dipping sauce.  Their cheeseburgers are topped with gooey, American-style liquid cheese, they leave it to you to figure out how to deal with this gloppy mess of amazingness.  Bridging the world of the cheeseburger and the French dip sandwich to excellent, messy effect.

dip-n-flip-cheeseburgerLet me hit you with some history! Both the Hamburger and the French Dip, despite their German and French-sounding names are inventions of the US.  The French dip was originally composed of thinly sliced roast beef stuffed into a baguette and then doused in their own juices from cooking – or served with a cup of the “jus” for dunking.  Dip & Flip decided that they didn’t want to just flip burgers for a living, they wanted to dip them as well and the Dip & Flip burger was born.

The Flip & Dip burger is the perfect marriage of light and soft roast beef with burger patty.  Your meal will be a battle between gooey overload and saucy au jus versus the ability of your bun to remain in one piece!  It might seem like too much, but the fast-grilled burger really sets a nice contrast to the slow-cooked roast beef.  You have to bring a mighty appetite, but it’s worth it.

The Flip & Dip burger is the top-end of the menu, clocking in at £9.95 – but you can start on the other end of the scale at £5.25 for a basic patty melt (non-cheesed burger).  Dip & Flip’s unique, but polarizing decision to use squeezy cheese for their cheese fries and cheeseburgers really does cause a divide.  If you aren’t into that kind of cheese experience, then just go for the non-cheese choices.

dip-n-flip-cheesy-friesFor some, this is a major detractor – this ain’t your gourmet French small-batch cheese – but I actually think it adds to the gooey decadence.  For some there is an automatic aversion to processed American bright yellow cheeses, and I get that.  But in this presentation where sloppiness is paramount, the processed squeeze compliments the au jus sauce.  The entire thing is just rich and amazing.

One spot where they may have gone overboard with the cheese is on the cheesy fries.  They are literally smothered.  See exhibit A…  Can you distinguish the cheese from the fries? Others would love this cheese to chip ratio, but I think it’s probably a bit overdone.  A little restraint may actually make these more appealing.

Other sides include a Canadian poutine and salad bowl.  They also offer a green chili or a bacon cheeseburger @ £7.50 and £7.95 respectively.  The fries, sans cheese, are really nice – crispy and just the right size.  Not too big to be fluffy mush in the middle and not to skinny to be over-fried sticks.

The venue itself is a cool, retro decor that is hip these days.  post-war vintage paintings and pinup girls adorn the walls inside and the 60s-style chairs remind me of old public school seats from history class.  The only drawback is that the joint gets loud.  Really loud.  So loud that you can barely hear the conversation at your own table.  However, you might be tucked in too deep to really care.  Doing battle with the au jus sauce versus bun integrity!

You can visit Flip & Dip either at 87 Battersea Rise near Clapham Junction (SW11 1HW), or in Wimbledon at 62 The Broadway (SW19 1RQ) or soon in Tooting.  Or visit their website here.

Dip & Flip – 36/50

Beef (9): Juicy, flavorful, juicy, peppery, juicy and juicy.

Bun (7):  Pretty nondescript, but does the job and soaks up the juices.

Toppings (8): Liberal use of squeezy cheese is questionable, but the roast beef is decadent.

Value (7): There is no justification for the amount you pay.

Ambiance (5): Cool, but loud as hell.  You’ll be shouting to have a conversation with the person across from you.



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