Hawksmoor Third Burger for Spring

For the uninitiated, the Hawksmoor offers two resident burgers on their Seven Dials bar menu, plus a third seasonal burger which is created by various chefs on their staff.  They are amazing and my recently-crowned Favourite burger in London.

The Kimchi burger and the Hawksmoor Hamburger are the permanent fixtures on the menu, the Kimchi having Korean spiced cabbage and beef short-rib meat, the Hawksmoor being their Longhorn ground beef with nuggets of bone marrow melted into it.  Both delicious and well-deserving of their standing availability.

This month’s Third Burger has just been revealed, designed by a senior sous chef in the Seven Dials kitchen, Darran Stanley.  His take on the classic bacon cheeseburger includes smoked ham hock and maple pulled pork, cream cheese, watercress and cider apple chutney.  It has been dubbed the MAPLE BURGER.  Maple Burger Hawksmoor

The Maple Burger will be available for 6 weeks at the same price as the other bar menu burgers, £15. Go hungry, leave happy.  Check out their website here.


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