Honky Tonk Serves Up £1,100 Glamburger

It’s being touted as the world’s (current) most expensive burger.  It carries a pricetag of £1,100.00, before service charge. It contains 2,618 calories and is formed predominantly from 220g of Kobe Wagyu beef.  It is… the Glamburger.

I must confess that I haven’t yet been to Honky Tonk, nor will I EVER spend £1,100 on a burger, no matter what it’s made of.  But I will endeavor to describe the ridiculousness of this creation.  The 14 listed ingredients will force your mouth to water.

Glamburger ingredients


To balance out the fat content of the 220g of Kobe Wagyu beef, 60g of New Zealand venison is added. At the center of the burger is a pocket of black truffle brie which melts into a liquid pocket of cheesy goodness during the grilling.  The patty is garnished with Himalayan salt and maple syrup-coated bacon and then topped with beluga caviar and a hickory-smoked duck egg.  It is served with a Canadian lobster poached in Iranian saffron.  Added to the mix is a cream mayonnaise, grated white truffle and mango champagne jus.  The bun which is seasoned with Japanese matcha, a type of powered green tea, is also wrapped in gold leaf, just to really ‘glam’ things up.

Chris Large, the head chef at Honky Tonk, created the Glamburger in cooperation with Groupon who is celebrating their 5 millionth food&drink voucher sold.  Groupon will be giving away one Glamburger to a lucky winner.  Large said, “After sourcing the best possible ingredients to create this masterpiece, the winner will certainly have a dinner to remember.”  All you have to do to enter the prize draw is to tweet @groupon_UK using the hashtag #glamburger before October 13, 2014.


I bet they will, Chris, I bet they will.  And good thing they won’t be the one footing the bill at the end of the meal; if they make it to the end without slipping into a food-induced coma.  The rich and expensive goodness of the burger sounds like simply too much for one person to handle!  The 2,618 calorie count alone is more than the daily recommended allowance for a full-grown man.

After the draw, the winner must be able to travel to Honky Tonk between the 14-31 of October 2014 to enjoy their tasty reward.  Travel is not included, but I think perhaps this one is worth the trip by itself!

Honky Tonk is definitely on my list of burgers to try out.  Hopefully at a much more reasonable price.  They have two locations in London – Chelsea and Clapham Junction – which feature an all-American menu and live music.  Like any self-respecting American restaurant in London, they feature a large selection of bourbons and even list a Pickleback shot on their drinks menu; bourbon with pickle brine.  You can visit their website here.


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