Haché’s Hat is in The Ring

hacheHaché has positioned themselves as a swanky, upscale, hip burger joint.  Literally positioned themselves; with locations in Camden, Clapham, Chelsea and Shoreditch they have some of the best real-estate in the London burger game.  It started back in 2004 at the Camden location when the founders opened their first joint on Inverness street.

In 2005, Haché was awarded the Best Burger in London title by TimeOut Magazine.  Since then, three more locations popped up in unavoidable spots: Clapham Common on the high street, Fulham Broadway below South Kensington, just off Old Street, and 30 meters from the Camden tube station.

Haché makes a great burger, with just the right amount of juiciness that I look for.  The main differentiator for Haché though is their topping, not their meat or buns.  They have a swanked-up menu with burgers starting at the ‘Au Naturel’ at £7.50, but that quickly get piled high with topping on up to £10.95.

hache interiorIf you have ever seen the typically American TV show, Man Vs. Food, you may have seen an episode where the presenter, Adam visits a Denver institution called the Cherry Cricket.  Here, he was presented a dartboard with over 20 varieties of burger topping to add to his Cricket burger, but in the kitchen he was offered a fan favourite: The Goober Burger.  Haché have created their own version of this classic as in my travels, it’s the only one in London that I’ve come across that rivals the Goober.

It’s called the ‘Steak Louisiana’.  It’s topped simply with mature cheddar cheese and crunchy peanut butter.  WEIRD… but delicious.  I don’t know why they chose Louisiana for the namesake, but the burger is good.  It’s Americanesque and your friends and relatives will pull faces when you tell them of it, but secretly want to try it themselves.  Unless they are allergic to nuts, or happiness.louisianaOther burgers of note are the Catalan – topped with chorizo, tomato jam and fresh chilli, or the Bavarian with caramelised onions and smoked german cheese.  Their fries are good, but not standout.  Of their side offerings I would really highlight the grilled Halloumi (great for applying to any burger) or the onion rings which are fried in a tempura-like beer batter and are light and crispy.   Both are worth the extra effort.

The restaurants themselves are generally nice; comfortable, but loud.  Typically in a long lunch-style setup, you’ll be sitting not quite with the strangers next to you, but bumping elbows if you get a bit over-enthusiatic with your burger.  Maybe that’s the idea though as Haché is a family affair started by two parents and their four kids.  I definitely recommend a trip as Haché still produces a deliciously topped burger.

Hache – 33/50

Beef (7):  Good, tasty beef, but needs the toppings to be exciting.

Bun (7):  Workable bun, doesn’t wow.

Toppings (8):  Excellent selection and range of burger toppings

Value (6): Kinda pricey because of the…

Ambiance (5):  can’t make it’s mind up if it’s a French restaurant or a burger joint, leaves me a bit confused as to my surroundings.

You can check out their website here. And see all of their London locations.


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