Patty and Bun, It’s So Hot Right Now

sign‘Juicy’, like ‘Love’, is a word that is thrown around too much by people who don’t mean it. ‘Juicy’ is a word that should be applied sparingly and meaningfully. Middle-of-the-road burgers are called juicy by the casual observer almost as much as babies are called cute by groups of hilarious, lying girl friends. This shall not stand.

But every now and then there comes a burger worthy of being called ‘juicy’. And this my friend, is one of them.

Patty & Bun cooks their burger to medium rare as a standard; and they are JUICY. They don’t give you a plate, just two book-sized stacks of napkins; juicy. The burger arrives expertly wrapped in double wax-paper to seal everything in; juicy. The wax paper isn’t even up to the job, your burger arrives already oozing out and enticing you to get stuck in.


The menu features three major players – the Ari Gold, the Smokey Robinson and the Jose Jose. Ari is the basic cheeseburger, Smokey takes it up a notch with bacon, caramelized onions, and BBQ sauce, and the Jose takes things south of the border with some chili chorizo relish. (£7.50-8.50)

They also serve chicken burgers and a portobello mushroom burger for your lame girlfriend, but never mind that.

The last burger on P&B’s menu is quite intriguing and I’ll have to try it next time: The Lambshank Redemption. It’s a lamb burger with buttermilk courgettes (zucchini), pickled aubergine (eggplant), and feta. (£8.00)

All of the above are served on a decadent brioche bun. The sides are limited to chicken wings, rosemary fries, coleslaw, and if your girlfriend is REALLY lame – the house salad. (£2.50-5.00)

I went with the Smokey Robinson (because I love ‘Tracks of My Tears’) with shared sides of ‘slaw and fries and then a peanut butter choc-ice for dessert. Don’t judge me.

P&B smokey robinson

The Choc-ices come in chocolate, vanilla or peanut butter flavors – all made specially for P&B. The menu says “bespoke” and you can definitely taste the bespoke goodness, just like trying on a Saville Row suit, but for your mouth… that makes no sense. They are a must-try if you’ve got any room left after the huge burger.

They have a respectable beer and drinks menu which includes Red Stripe and Sam Adams. The wait staff are friendly and all smiles. Even the dude tasked with controlling the queue out front was funny and self-deprecating; we decided to call him Sloane. Because the new-factor is still in full swing at P&B, we waited for over an hour to get a table for five, but I must say it’s worth the wait. Sloane made it bearable though, thanks buddy.

Overall this place is great. Their burgers are on price with the Byron’s and GBK’s of the world, but stand a level up in my book. The place is small and the lines are long, but you’re never rushed or waiting long on your drinks. I don’t think it will be too long before more P&B’s are popping up around London.

UPDATE: Patty & Bun has achieved more global fame as the Telegraph named them to their list of best burgers in the WORLD.  Now I love their burgers, but am unsure about top ten on planet earth status.  You can check out the article here.  I’m happy for their success though because they truly make a mean burger and a great experience.

You can visit the Patty & Bun here or visit them on 54 James St London W1U 1HE.

Patty&Bun – 41

Beef (10):  Perfectly juicy and delicious

Bun (8):  Eggy brioche the way I like it.

Toppings (10):  Great topping combos that suit me.

Value (7): Pricey, but well worth it.

Ambiance (6):  Crowded and loud, you just have to put your head down and dig in.

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