Bubbledogs: Sneaky Hotdog Post

felix dogI know, I know – this is meant to be a blog about burgers, but   think this place merits a guest appearance.  Bubbledogs is a champagne bar that serves gourmet hot dogs… whoever came up with this combination should be given a prize… and then promptly scolded for their prices.

Located on Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia, Bubbledogs is perfectly in line with the latest trend of turning junk food into posh eats.  They’ve taken champagne, cut out the caviar, and subbed in hotdogs alongside tasty sides like tater-tots and sweet potato fries.


Just like the trend, the junk-turned-posh food is a bit pricey, but the atmosphere and decor is nice, the staff are friendly and helpful and it has a lunch-counter feel that’s perfectly in line with their hotdogs.  The dogs themselves have a good, crunchy skin and come with toppings from around the world.  I always use Vienna Beef dogs as my measure of a truly world-class hotdog, and though this arrives a bit short, the topping make up for what the dog itself lacks

The Korean-inspired K-Dawg for example has kimchi, red bean paste, and lettuce.  The Trishna Dog goes a bit Indian with mint, mango chutney, and coriander.  The American inspired dogs include the New Yorker (with sauerkraut and streetcart onions) and the 4th of July Dog (wrapped in bacon with smokey BBQ sauce and cole slaw).


A naked dog will cost you £6.00 and the most complicated offerings are £8.00.  The dogs come in pork, beef or vegetarian varieties – of course I’ll steer you towards the 100%beef.  You can add toppings to any of their choices for 70p and order coleslaw, tater tots, or sweet potato fries on the side for £3.50. I highly recommend the sweet potato fries – they are delicious when done right and Bubbledogs does them right!

Bubbledogs has a large champagne list to choose from, as you’d expect.  By the glass, you’ll be paying around £6-11 and for a whole bottle expect £32 and up.  All of their champagnes are made by smaller farms who craft their own champagnes.  Not the big boys that you’d see on the high street.

All-in-all, it’s an experience you should try.  Being the hot item at the moment, they only accept bookings from parties of 6 or more.  On Friday or Saturday nights, expect a wait out the door.  At lunch it was quite easy to get a table, but I imagine at least in the short term the dinner wait will be quite long.

Bubbledogs is located at 70 Charlotte Street, London W1T 4QG

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