The Draft House, A Better Kind of Pub

The Draft house is basically a pub that has made the decision to be committed to a great burger with great beer.  They are a member of a small group of London pubs that decided to band together and get back to doing just a few things really well.

No more Jack of All Trades, Master of None stuff – no more gastropub over complication of things.  The Draft House is about great world beers and delicious burgers in a pub that’s been ever so slightly given the cool treatment.

Their creed goes a little something like, “we aim to do for beer what our culture has done for food and wine over the past twenty years.  Namely, we take its provenance, cellaring, and serving seriously.  We celebrate choice and quality with an extraordinary range of strange and wonderful brews.  And it’s true, our German hipster barmaid knew her shit.

Their beef burger menu has three selections, The Yoke, The Smoke and The Poke.  Each 8 oz. patty is served with hand-cut, twice fried chips for £10.75.  The Yoke features a fried egg and hollandaisesauce, The Smoke comes with hickory-smoked bacon and a chipotle mayo, The Poke is adorned with crushed birdseye chilis, Amsterdam cheese and onion rings. 

I went for The Yoke and it was delicious.  In the background of this picture is my mate’s Smoke which he promises was just about the most delicious pub-burger he’s ever had.  I don’t know about the best, but I would’ve smeared The Yoke all over my face if they promised me a free one per week.The chips were okay, but the onion rings that we ordered extra were beauties.  They do a tempura-style batter with some unknown spices that make me want to bathe in the stuff.  That’s an exaggeration… but I would shower in it.

timthumb.phpSome other highlights that I spied on other tables nearby us were the Mac’n’cheese and the Monster Dog.  Their take on the hotdog involves a frankfurter wrapped in crisped streaky bacon, covered in Mexicali beef and blackbean chili and served with sour cream and jalapenos.  Mmmm.  Just Mmmm.

Worth the price, worth the trip – I highly recommend this place as an alternative to the run of the mill pub burger.

You can visit their website here or in visit The Draft House in person at: 43 Goodge St, London W1T 1TA

Drafthouse 31/50

Beef (8):  Huge burger sizes make up for flavor.

Bun (6):  Seeded bun, but dense not airy.

Toppings (5):  Simple, but kinda over-done in amount which leads to mess.

Value (6): Compared to a pub burger, it’s pricey.

Ambiance (6):  Pub feel means you’re lucky to get a chair, but most will find an open ottoman to sit on.


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