Spuntino Defines “Posh Grimey”


Spuntino rating – 38/50

Beef (7): Excellent beef slider, but not much beefy menu content!

Bun (7): Fluffy little slider buns.

Toppings (10): Not all the sliders are Beef-based, but all have interesting, exotic and perfectly combined toppings.

Value (5): It’s pricey to be this cool.

Ambiance (9): Great design and feel in this purposely ‘beat-up’ joint.

A friend recently recommended that I try Spuntino, a little slider shop buried in the right-light district of Soho.  It’s nestled amongst sex shops and strip clubs and has little or no signage out front, so I walked straight past it at first .

Zagat described it as “a fabulous cross between a deserted subway station and burnt-out diner” – I’ve got to agree.

It’s a gritty lunch-counter style place that you can tell has been carefully designed that way by meticulous hipsters in Wayfarers, checked shirts and skinny jeans.  And it works.

Even their website is minimal; it has the name, hours and a short blurb stating, “No phone.  No reservations.” I wonder if Anthony Bourdain would rave about this place or find it too contrived since he’s a far more existential guy than me.
Their menu is full of great-looking small plates like their truffle egg toast, eggplant chips with fennel yogurt, shoestring spiral fries or cime di rapa & mozarella crostini.  Their dessert offerings include a Chocolate-pecan-bourbon cake, a peanutbutter&jelly sandwich and even a Dutch baby (If you’ve never had one, sort it out).

Spuntino sliders

But I’m getting ahead of myself – I’m here for the sliders.  Their signature “all four” platter to be specific.  For £18 you get one of each:

Pulled pork & pickled salad
Ground beef & bone marrow
Lamb & Pickled cucumber
Prawn Po’Boy with aioli
Along with an order of

shoestring fries this could feed two normal people or one hungry dude like myself.
The pulled pork was my favorite, but all of them were great.  The bone marrow was decadent and the lamb had a hint of Indian influence.  Despite the deliciousness, the pricing was a bit off for my liking.  At £5 a piece, you’re getting a small amount of food and ordering all four only saves you 2 quid.


That said, the deliciousness and social cache of beingseen dining in this dive might outweigh the pricing.  It was worth it for me and I’ll be back to sample their other small plates I’m sure.  Word is that you either need to go for late lunch or early dinner because the place packs out quickly and you could be left waiting in the cold.

Spuntino is located at 61 Rupert St, Soho, London W1D 7PW.

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