BRGR.CO Soho, Wardour’s Most Underrated Burger?

BRGR burger2016 Update When you think of Lebanese food, things like shawarma, falafel, kafta and shish generally comes to mind.  Delicious burgers and diner-style eats are decidedly not.  But the hamburger knows no borders in this day and age; and this Beirut-based company does them very well.

BRGR.CO opened its doors back in December, 2012 on Wardour St. in the heart of Soho – the new West End location was their first venture into the UK, however the business actually was established back in 2010 though in Lebanon.  BRGR now has a Chelsea location on the King’s Road

Wardour Street in Soho is one of my favorite roads in London – for all kinds of easy or posh food, so it was only a matter of time before I had to stop in for a bite.  I actually was in a queue at the time – a 2.5 hour queue for seats at uber-trendy Burger & Lobster – when my frustration with the wait (and my stomach) signaled a backup was needed.

brgrco-burger-wardour-soho-londonI ended up crossing over to Wardour St. and stumbling upon with delicious results.  his restaurant operated in the shadow of the Burger & Lobster craze, but I ended up liking this burger far better than the B&L offering… in fact at the price, it’s one of my favorite burgers in all of London, and here’s why:

They describe themselves as a back-to-basics restaurant that focuses on simplicity and quality.  With meat sourced from the Duke of Buccleuch Estate in Scotland being aged for 28 days before use, you know it’s going to be good.  Their American-inspired sides like coleslaw and their variety of french fry toppings and dips and great.

BRGR-soho-burger-serving-beefTheir burgers come standard at 6 ounces and are served in toasted a brioche bun topped with iceberg lettuce, beef tomato, red onion, sweet pickled gherkin. My burger was perfectly cooked to medium rare as requested and had just the right juiciness, plus anyone who uses a brioche-style bun is doing at least one thing right in my book.  The “Blade Steal” burger is their starter, coming in at £6.75. It’s a blend of several steak cuts optimized for juiciness.

Their range of standard burgers runs up to £9.50 at the top end for the guacamole & bacon burger.  Between those two ends of the spectrum sit the cheese “Brgr”, bacon cheese Brgr, the Chili Brgr (with red finger chilis and chipotle mayo), and the stilton Brgr (with caramelized onions and stilton).

In BRGRco’s Signature burger range sit the £8.75 hanger steak burger – a blend of super-prime, tender cuts of beefs – and the £12.50 Rump Steak burger – blending prime rib, fillet, and rump steak.  Mmmmm…

BRGR friesThe sides really sealed it for me too – their fries and onion rings are amazing.  They offer cheese and chili cheese fries, chili con carne fries, mac ‘n’ cheese, and more.  I went for the Parmesan truffle fries at £6.00 and was not disappointed!  Truffle on anything is great when done right and overbearing when done wrong – BRGR gets it right.

They offer a few other things on their menu like  hot dogs, milkshakes and ice cream floats and some tempting desserts like the £3.50 Bronut – for £1 more served ala mode!  Trust me though, the burger and a side of fries will leave you filled so perhaps share the appetizer.

The setting is very nice as well, with a mix of table tops and counter tops with stools, you can stare out on to Soho and see all the action up and down the street.  BRGR is mostly decorated with clean white tiling, but then also feature multi-colored cow-head statues mounted on the walls.  hese colorful art pieces are regularly auctioned off and support charities of BRGR’s choice around London.  Altogether, this Lebanese chain is one of my solid favorites and is hopefully in for a bright future in the UK.

For the price and location, BRGR would be my pick over likely challengers like Byron or GBK.  They simply produce a better quality, better tasting and more competitively priced burger.  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed! Rating – 43/50

Beef (9):  juicy and delicious.

Bun (10): brioche perfection.

Toppings (8): fresh, crisp and served on the side.

Value (8): great value versus similar burger joints.

Ambiance (8): clean and comfortable surroundings.

They are located at 187 Wardour Street London W1f 8ZB and now in Chelsea at 127 King’s Road, SW3 4PW. You can visit their website here.


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